Nikon Files : This summer


This summer between reading a million books, the gym, Trying to change work industries, eating healthier and More classes, I want to use my beloved Camera more often  .  With the help of  courses and just plain old fashioned practice in the real world I  am looking forward to taking my camera out more with me. My concerns (or what has been stopping me ) Besides looking like a rookie with a camera strapped around me , one has been damaging my camera by dropping it or carrying it in a bag getting in knocked around or  even stolen or causing me to be mugged for it (NYC  resident here ).. I am willing to look pass those obstacles to get more practice with my photography this summer. look out for more chantel belle updates and more of my begginer photography.

Friday :Nikon files


Don’t know what to say, don’t know what to do
Split a hundred ways when I’d really like to follow you
Creatures gonna run, people gonna move
I don’t really know what I’m getting myself into.

From a different time.