Fall Beauty Essentials .

Autumn is my absolute favorite season ever. I love the everything about the fall from the glow that cast over you outside to the warm and chilly feeling of the breeze  and beauty of the leaves that have fallen But of course the fashion is my absolute favorite part of fall. I love wearing a soft sweater and dark or mute colored nail polish or a pretty color to match the season. I love wearing boots and comfortable dark jeans . I love the fact that in fall  season  you can wear your make-up and not have to worry about it melting off of your face as much as in the summer. thats why this fall i decided to test the waters in the makeup world and tried out makeup on a level I haven’t before. I am not a huge fan of makeup so I never really got into all of the different kinds of tools and products women usually have when they apply their makeup meaning the brushes, concealer, primers, etc. I had my one product of foundation :beither MAC’S studio fix or  Mousse by Maybeline and some Mascara. I barely touched the products and they would just usually sit in my makeup bag, especially in the summer. My skin is prone to becoming oily  so too much makeup would always leave me super shiny and would melt off by mid day in the summer. For this reason, I decided to try out makeup again in the fall when the weather is a little bit cooler and wont leave me feeling like I’m melting . I found the perfect products for myself this fall. I call them my fall essential list. These are products and tools that I absolutely have fallen in love with this fall. Here we go! 

1.On the TOP of my list is my absolute favorite Nail polish by Wet N wild. The color is called “bite the bullet “ it is a mute Purple/violet color . I love this color so much because its not an obnoxious purple but a soft feminine purple , that almost comes off as a violet. The application is super easy as wet N wild has created it with an wider brush that glides onto your nail bed. The color last on your nails for a about a week and looks amazing with a clear top coat. I use sally hensen’s Hard as nails as my top coat.


2. Next on my fall essential list is the Fitme! line of foundation, concealer and Powder by Maybeline. I absolutely adore this  line of makeup. It works well with my sensitive skin , which is prone to acne and oily at times. So I have to be very very careful with what I put on my face , the wrong product and it could end in disaster . The fitme! foundation comes in a Matte and dewy form, I personally love the Matte Poreless for the liquid foundation, for normal to oily skin and for a quick dabb-on foundation .I use the Matte Powder in Mocha 360 . The fit me concealers are also Amazing as well. They come in a tube with a wand for easy application. its has a light weight feel to it that glides on like water and truly does its job. When I am feeling fancy and have the time for a proper make-up job Maybeline Master Prime by face studio has been A life saver . I use Blur and smooth 100 . I love this Primer because it makes my makeup stay in place and helps to blur some of my dark circles and acne scars , it has not caused much skin irritation or any issue yet. .


3.Last but NOT least on my list is the new line of matte lipsticks by Maybeline. This may my favorite product second to the face studio Primer and the bite the bullet nail polish. Maybe line recently created the intimatte nudes collection of matte lipsticks . these Matte lipsticks are amazing! they are the perfect matte lipstick for the fall. The color last , it has easy application and it really is Matte as soon as you apply it to your lips. I love these Lipsticks and have them in the color burgundy brown for a darker look and almond rose.


There you have it . My fall Beauty Essential list. Have certain products or Autumn wardrobe staples of your own? Leave a comment and tell us about yours. -Chantel.

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