Labor day.

Goodbye summer you’ve been…….ok


I wish I had a re-cap of n amazing well spent summer but I don’t. In reality All I  did was take classes, work , eat , sleep and Repeat.  I started off with good intentions but I quickly flopped. Planning to break out of routine takes a conscious effort that you must stick with. Its easy to make s tons of plans and become excited with those plans . the effort is going through with them. kinda like anything we set out to do in life. I say all that to say this summer basically passed me right on by and it did at the speed of light . Before I knew it August was approaching and now were in sepmterber. how ? when ? . Besides a camera roll full of selfies, A new iPhone and 45 minutes spent hot on  humid , NYC    public transportation everyday , I didnt d o much. Maybe autumn will be more exciting ?

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