Chantelbelle was Created in 2014 by Chantel J with occasional creative contributions by Lexy S. I created Chantelbelle as the starting point to all of my creative projects, ideas, and hobbies Including photography, graphic design my love of fashion, Tech, food etc. I have been creating my own websites for as long as I can remember. It started when I was sixteen years old and I wrote my first line of html coding in the windows notepad program. Ever since then, I have been completely in love with everything about creating and making websites and design. My love of graphic design and photography grew out of my need to have a beautiful website. I began to dabble in programs like Gimp and Photoshop and started to really improve my skills after years of dabbling in them. This passion for designing and capturing memories and moments through photography has continued until today. With the launch of Chantelbelle.com; my piece of the web, created out of passion, dedication, skills, and a love for art. In Chantelbelle studios, you can find my photography and other projects that I have worked on with the option to purchase my services for your own needs. Chantelbelle studios is dedicated to helping businesses and individuals create and grow a brand or image that stands out by providing the designs to help you get there. CB creations is where you can find my mobile and computer customization art for your mobile devices, laptops, and desktops. The shop is where you will find my mobile phone cases, jewelry, etc. We are dedicated to doing it all! I hope you continue to join us on this journey.