returning .


I Know that I really really really need to  pay more attention to my webises. I completely neglect them yet, pay for hosting each year. what a waste of money huh? for sure. I get kinda busy between working and school and other things in general and I forget why I bought this space to begin with. I love having my website so I will deff try to do more with it. stay tuned .

Bronx days.


New creations .


Hello visitors! I have added a few new Uploads to chanikon  creations,  which is my  digital designs  site for customizing your Phones, tablets, Laptops, iPads  etc. Head  over at chanikon creations or by clicking chanikon creations in the menu . I am currently working on some good  Macbook themes  that are coming soon.
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Acoustic Dreams


I own an acoustic guitar that I cannot play to save my life, LOL. I am as beginner as one can get when it comes to playing . I know not a lot besides maybe one chord. This year I’ve decided to make it a goal of mine to learn to play my guitar and complete a full favorite song of my choice , by 2017. I had an idea to start vide recording  updating my progress so here we have the first recording/episode of acoustic dreams , just so you can get an idea of how far I have to go and how much I have to learn.