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A perfect green: Nail color review.


Anyone that knows me well knows about my love of green. I most shades of the color green especially a bright turquoise or green blue turquoise mixture that would be my perfect shade. I especially love to wear the color on my nails. I love nail polish and I own tons of diffrent shades of nail polish from bright florescent orange to a dark crimson green. I am really not afraid to try any nail color at all. I am open to any color out there. today’s spotlight nail color is by the retailer “claire’s “.the color is called  “been there done that”. I absolutely love this color . for me its the perfect green and it applies to your nails easily with a glowy texture. The best part is the color last for about a week without chipping. One coat of this beautiful color and your good to go. This polish retails for about $4.50 before tax.